Thursday, June 17, 2010

gPanel for Google Apps Official Launch

We hope our application has given you the ability to effectively manage your Google Apps domain.

"We are very happy to have gPanel in the Google Apps Marketplace," adds Scott McMullan, Google Apps Partner Lead for Google Enterprise. "Through the Google Apps Marketplace, software vendors like Promevo are helping us build a rich ecosystem of integrated apps that work seamlessly with Google Apps, allowing IT administrators to leverage the benefits of cloud computing and extend Google Apps to meet more of their business needs. We are excited to offer the advanced management capabilities gPanel brings to the millions of Google Apps users who have embraced the cloud."

gPanel will remain in Beta for now.  We expect it will drop the Beta tag on July 1st, 2010.  Since releasing gPanel in Beta we've had a lot of questions about pricing.  In response to this we've made pricing available on our Google Apps Marketplace Ad.  We know that we are still in beta, so as an incentive to buy now before the beta tag is dropped we are offering a limited-time 10% discount.

How to save 10% on gPanel for Google Apps:

Known Issues:

  • Google App Engine is still causing gPanel Errors.  Please read about it here.
  • Mail Auditing Issue.
  • Indexing slowness on domains above 15,000 users.  We are working with the Google Apps Engine team and Google developers to resolve this issue.
  • Please help us and report any issue that you may experience.
Major Improvements:
  • Role Management Interface
  • Google Document Sharing Interface
  • Google Docs Issues
  • User Portal Interface: Users can view their profile information, search and view Google group members, search and view shared contacts.
New Features to be released next week:
  • Shared Contact Import
  • Shared Contact Search
  • Improved Searching Performance
  • New Reports
  • New Google Data Exports
Please tell us what you would like to see in gPanel!
    It's our goal to deliver you the most advanced Google Apps administrative product available.  If you experience an issue, please report it.  Our support team WILL respond.  If you like our product, please let everyone know about it.  If you do not, please let us know about it.  We will do our best to support you and to win your approval.

    Google Apps Administration, mobile simplicity
    Easily manage Users, User Profiles, Groups and Shared Contacts from your Android mobile device.

    Get gPanel for Google Apps for FREE!
    Buy or transfer your Google Apps Premier licenses or other paid Google Apps version licenses to Promevo and we will give you gPanel for FREE.  Contact for more information.

    Thank you,
    Promevo Team