Monday, July 26, 2010

gPanel Mobile Subscription rate lowered

To celebrate the recent ranking of Promevo gPanel for Google Apps Mobile as #13 in the Top Android Business Apps in CIO Magazine we are lowering the cost of gPanel Mobile in the Android Market in a big way. Our previously low annual subscription price is now even lower: gPanel Mobile is now just $25 per registered administrator account per year.

If you previously evaluated, or are currently evaluating, gPanel Mobile and for some reason have not been able to commit, we hope to help your decision. We are sure you'll agree $25 a year is quite a deal for an app that lets you manage all of your Google Apps domain users, user profiles, shared contacts, and groups from your mobile device.

To buy Promevo gPanel for Google Apps Mobile edition, search for "gPanel" or "Promevo" in the Google Android Market. Install the free trial version for a 14-day preview, and then purchase the annual subscription to unlock your admin account for a full year.

We want to know what you think - contact us at with any feedback!

Monday, July 12, 2010

gPanel Mobile listed in Top Android Applications

We don't spend alot of time promoting the gPanel Mobile application for Android OS, but thought it was noteworthy to announce that we were recently named one of the Top 15 Android Apps for Business by CIO Update.

gPanel Mobile allows full management of users, user profiles, shared contacts and groups from your Android device. Great for password resets when not connected to the network and a simple way to manage shared contacts for your domain if you are still on the fence about gPanel full edition. We are proud to say that no other products like it exist.

As with gPanel, gPanel Mobile is available for a free trial from the Android Marketplace. We encourage you to try it today.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mass-import of shared contacts released

Last week we quietly released a highly-requested and anticipated new feature of gPanel - importing of shared contacts from a csv file, complete with data preview and user-selectable columns. We think it's really slick.

Many of our customers have been describing their frustration with not having access to edit, add, delete shared contacts in the Google Apps cPanel. One-by-one editing doesn't really help when you have 1,000 shared contacts to import, either. This puts the issue to rest.

In addition to the myriad of other powerful gPanel features, GA administrators can continue to rest easy knowing that gPanel fills more "how do I do [fill in the blank] in my Google Apps" gaps than any of our competitors ... oh and at a really low annual subscription rate! :)

Check it out from gPanel by going to the Shared Contacts module and looking for the new "Import Contacts" button in the grid.

Special note: if exporting your personal Google Apps contacts for importing into shared contacts, be sure to export using the Outlook CSV format, NOT the Google CSV format. We assure you that no information is lost in the process...