Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rave reviews, more new features...

It's been awhile since we gave an update on gPanel and there will be another update coming very soon, but we wanted to share a couple of recent & great customer reviews.

Our favorite highlights from Judi Sohn's Blog:
And then you find the Apps in the Marketplace like Promevo gPanel that truly make a difference to those of us who have to manage and support multiple users (and multiple domains). I've only been using it for a short time, but at this point I can say that I never want to touch a Google Apps domain without it again.
and from the KDTS Blog:
I think this is quite possibly the best service I’ve ever received from an online solution provider and I’d like to just give him and his team kudos.
If you are looking for an easy and affordable way to implement shared contacts in to Google Apps, this is the best solution available to date. The fact that it easily allows administration of the rest of Google Apps is really a bonus.
There are many new wonderful ratings in the Google Apps Marketplace listing as well, which we are thrilled about.

Development team update: We have spent the last several weeks focusing on performance improvements, improved logging, and bug fixes. We're wrapping up this work this week, and the team will focus a majority of September on implementing exciting new gPanel features.

New gPanel features: Google Docs ownership transfer, Google Apps organizational unit management, user self-service portal.

Coming soon: Google Apps data export, improved gPanel navigation, reports module including Google Docs security audit reporting.

I would like to remind customers and evaluators (and people considering gPanel) to please send us your feature requests at Many of our recent and coming gPanel features have been a direct result of our customer requests! We love to hear from customers.

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