Friday, March 25, 2011

gPanel for Google Apps Update

The gPanel development team has been hard at work on some new features. We are excited to announce the following new features have been released into production.
  • Google released an update to their Gmail Settings API a couple weeks ago to allow us to read a limited number of the Gmail Settings. You can now view Gmail Settings for users for: Gmail Labels, Send As, Forwarding Settings, POP Settings, IMAP Settings, Vacation-Responder, Signature. We have always been able to set Gmail Settings in gPanel but now with the ability to know what they are before overwriting them gives our customers more administration and support power.
  • You can now set Send As email addresses for users.
  • A popular request was to import Shared Contacts directly from a Gmail account. In the past users would commonly export their Gmail contacts into a CSV file and then use gPanel to import the CSV file into their Shared Contacts. To reduce the number of steps for you we added the ability to directly import your Shared Contacts from any Gmail or Google Apps Gmail account.
  • Google Doc Discovery, search for internal content of Google Docs using the new search in gPanel. You can also search based on: exact title, title contains, doc type, and user.
  • Updated User Deletion Process, there are two new options when you delete a user in gPanel. The first is you can now choose to reuse the the user name immediately instead of waiting 5-7 days. The second is you can transfer that users documents they own to another selected user before the account is deleted.
  • gPanel leaves BETA, this is old news for those who noticed the label disappear at the beginning of 2011. We are officially out of BETA and moving full speed ahead on new features and improvements.
If you have trialled gPanel before but were waiting on one of the above updates to become a customer, please contact us to get a another free 14-day unlimited trial for your organization.

If you have any questions about these new features or anything else related to gPanel for Google Apps please contact us.

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