Tuesday, October 25, 2011

gPanel Update: Personal Contact Delegation

New Feature:
In Google Apps, you can delegate email access to another user. But how do you delegate personal contact management to another user?

Our gPanel development team has been hard at work to deliver this capability. Now with gPanel for Google Apps you can delegate management of a user's personal contacts to any other domain user.

A manager, Lisa, would like to have her administrative assistant, Josh, be able to manage and update her personal contacts. A gPanel admin can simply log into gPanel and delegate management authority of the Lisa's contacts to Josh. Once delegation has been assigned, when Josh accesses the Personal Contacts tab from his gPanel User Portal, Josh now sees a drop down tab from which he may manage Lisa's contacts.

All updates by Josh are made in real time to Lisa's Gmail personal contacts.

For more information on how to delegate personal contact management using gPanel, visit our Help Documentation
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