Friday, April 13, 2012

gPanel Update: New Gmail Signature Template Builder

New Feature:

Gmail Signature Template Builder Released (FAQ Help Document)

gPanel Gmail Signature Template Builder

Ever wanted to enforce a company standard email signature?  Have you ever cringed when you have seen some of the crazy signatures on your co-workers emails that go out to your customers?  Have you wished for a way to centrally manage standardized signatures for your organization?

Signature Template Builder allows you to create and customize Gmail signature templates that dynamically pull from your users, User Profile in your Google Apps Directory and update their Gmail signatures on a nightly basis.

You can build different templates for different Google Organizations, Google Groups, gPanel Roles, and lists of people as well as exclude users from receiving a template.

Build signature templates by adding User Profile fields from a quick pick list, entering HTML, free text, or rich text.

Apply Automatically (Daily policy) or Manually

Daily Scheduling allows you to create an automatic policy that will apply the signature template to specified Users, Groups, Roles or Organizations.


Gamin' Ride Customer Use Case

Gamin' Ride wanted the ability to create different Gmail signature brands for their franchisees.  With gPanel Gmail Signature Builder not only were they were able to create unique standard signatures for their different franchisees but marketing was now able to insert special offers into their signature templates for franchisees when they were doing special promo's across different regions.

To read more about the  Gmail Signature Template Builder  you can read our help documentation for gPanel Domain Management.

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If you have any questions about the new user interface or anything else related to gPanel for Google Apps please contact us.

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