Monday, April 2, 2012

gPanel Update: New gPanel gTalk Assistant

New Feature:

gPanel gTalk Assistant Released (FAQ Help Document)

gPanel gTalk Assistant

The gPanel gTalk Assistant provides the ability to quickly send queries to gPanel Domain Management from your standard gTalk client.

Currently users can perform quick directory look-ups on email addresses that they want to find information for.  The directory lookup feature searches user profiles and shared contacts to find a match.  Once a match is found the gPanel gTalk Assistant will return the results for the contact to their gTalk chat.

We already have more functionality underway for the gPanel gTalk Assistant.  Stay tuned to find out all the cool things you will be able to do right from your standard Google Talk. 

Customize gPanel gTalk Assistant 

You can customize the name and the welcome message for gTalk Assistant to anything you would like.  Go to the "Tools" module and select "gTalk Assistant".

The gTalk Assistant Name is what the users will be adding to their gTalk clients to send their queries. By default the name is "ask-gpanelman".

The Welcome Message is the message that is sent to the user when they send it a query. The message can have up to 500 characters.

Users can add the customized assistant email address to the their Google Talk like they would when adding a co-workers email address.  Once they do they can start sending queries through their gTalk clients.

Users are able to retrieve information on user profiles, shared contacts, and access general help for gTalk assistant or for gPanel Domain Management.

Using gPanel gTalk Assistant

To read more about the gPanel gTalk Assistant you can read our help documentation for gPanel Domain Management.

If you have trialled gPanel before but would like to try it again please contact us to get a another free 14-day unlimited trial for your organization.

If you have any questions about the new user interface or anything else related to gPanel for Google Apps please contact us.

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